Maker Faire 2023

After 4 1/2 years, Maker Faire is back!

From 2006-2019, Maker Faire brought 115,000 guests for one weekend to the San Mateo Event Center for “The Greatest Show & Tell On Earth.” Unfortunately, corporate sponsorships dried up, the event was too expensive to sustain itself, Maker Media went bankrupt, and even Make magazine was downsized. But Dale and his team kept the spirit alive.

This year’s reborn Maker Faire was smaller and more intimate. Held an hour north on Mare Island, it took place over two weekends with a daily cap of 10,000 guests. The event was less spectacular and noisy, but also less crowded and overwhelming, making it easier to meet the makers and play with their inventions. I am so thrilled that Jack and Sally and Molly got to experience some of the same magic that Grace and I did in 2019.

It was delightful to see so many Maker Faire classics, including Dale Dougherty, Adam Savage, Eepy Bird, Caleb Kraft, Eben Upton, and Matt Richardson. But even more inspiring were all the new presenters and artists showing off so many interesting and exciting creations for the first time this year.

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