SawStop DustRight Adapter

The SawStop Overarm Dust Collection comes with a 4″ dust Y-port to connect the blade guard’s smaller vacuum hose into the saw’s main dust collection port. The problem is the design creates very little suction from the blade guard. The other problem (for me) is that because it slips over the saw’s built-in dust port, I can no longer clamp a DustRight adapter to it allowing me to easily move my 4″ hose to other large tools. This version solves both problems, adding a scoop into the airflow to increase suction to the blade guard while also being snapped to fit the rubber portion of the DustRight tool port that clamps onto the saw’s built-in port.

Printed in ASA with HIPS supports. Model available here.

(My initial design below was more complicated and took 43 hours to print in ASA & HIPS! Unfortunately I forgot to first figure out a way to get it into the table saw!)

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